upright piano

photo: Waldemar Kielichowski © Institute of Music and Dance, Warsaw

upright piano

Classification: 3 Chordophones / 31 Simple chordophones or zithers / 314 Board zithers / 314.1 True board zithers / 314.1-4-8 True board zithers sounded by hammers or beaters, with keyboard

Piano maker: Pierre-Antoine-Daniel Bernhardt

Date: ca. 1850

Village / Town: Paris

Country: France

Owner: Andrzej Szwalbe Collection, Ostromecko Palace near Bydgoszcz. 1978, bought from Maksymilian Sciesiński, Bydgoszcz

Inventory number: PN-VI-60-84

Description: walnut veneered. Straight-, single-, double strung. English repetition action with overdampers

Inscriptions: on the keyboard cover inlaid in brass: Bernhardt / Rue bleue 25 / á Paris; one the soundboard a printed paper insertion with pictures of uprights: F.J.DEIERKAUF. / Piano Magazijn / Maakt en Repareert alle soorten / VAN / PIANO’S EN SERAPHINORGELS / 121, Schontesteeg 121, / UTRECHT / Neemt onde Piano’s zuil aan.

Measurements: height 1190, width 1330, depth 240 (540) mm

Materials: wood, metal, ivory

Keyboard compass, stops: A2-a4 – 7 octaves, two pedals – piano and dampers

Catalog card by: Benjamin Vogel

Bibliography: B. Vogel, Kolekcja zabytkowych fortepianów Filharmonii Pomorskiej, (Bydgoszcz, 11980, 21987), p. 94; M. Novak Clinkscale, Makers of the Piano, vol. 2, 1820-1860, (Oxford 1999), pp. 29-30

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